Forgotten Garden (Morton)

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Both books reveal Morton as an author in supreme control of her material, and she delivers again, right on target, with another atmospheric historical saga shot through with mystery and secrets, grand passions and tragic the maze in the forgotten garden of the title, it's a delicious book to become lost in.
Sunday Mail

This is a novel of a writer who is really getting into her stride. The magical opening of The Forgotten Garden launches us into a complex and richly textured world. Morton skillfully interweaves the different periods in which the novel is set, maintaining pace throughout. She gradually strips away layers of mystery, leaving a nice twist to the end...A beautifully written and satisfying novel
Daily Express

A four-year-old girl abandoned aboard a ship touches off a century-long inquiry into her ancestry, in Morton's weighty, at times unwieldy, second novel.... Intricate, intersecting narratives, heavy-handed fairy-tale symbolism... create a thicket of clues...but the puzzle is pleasing and the long-delayed "reveal" is a genuine surprise.
Kirkus Reviews

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