Water is Wide (Conroy)

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He's not much of a stylist and his sense of humor needs work, but pat Conroy has a nice, wry perspective and a wholehearted commitment to his job. It's a hell of a job and The Water is Wide is a hell of a good story....Mr. Conroy's modesty will not allow him to claim much for his year at Yamacraw, but he...opened [his pupils'] minds to an outer world they had never even conceived of. And, most memorable of all, he taught them to trust a white man and to believe that he cared about them.
Anatole Broyard - New York Times

Pat Conroy cuts through his experiences with a sharp edge of irony.... He brings emotion, writing talent and anger to his story.
Baltimore Sun

This is not a funny book, but you will find yourself in belly-heaving laughter; this is not a sentimental book, but you will weep; this is not an angry book, but you will shiver with antagonism at man's inhumanity to man; this is not a pretty book, but you will be haunted by some of its passages.... The Water Is Wide is a great book.
Charleston Evening Post

A powerfully moving book...You will laugh, you will weep, you will be proud and you will rail...and you will learn to love the man.
Charleston News and Courier

Compelling storytelling...Conroy takes aim at our darkest emotions, lets the arrow fly and hits a bull's eye almost every time.
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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