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Maybe with enough determination and love and support, women can choose their own adventures. They can start, like Aviva, by choosing not to be ashamed. In this life-affirming novel, Zevin doesn’t make that look easy, but she makes it look possible.
Ron Charles - Washington Post

It’s brilliant and hilarious, and it makes you wince in recognition — for the double-standard that relegates scandalized women to a life of shame even as their married lovers continue with their careers (and often their marriages), for the insatiable appetite we have for every last detail, for the ease and speed with which we stop seeing people as multilayered humans. It’s the sort of book that invites us to examine our long-held beliefs and perceptions.… It has a heart. And a spine. It’s exactly, I would argue, what we need more of right now.
Chicago Tribune

Another charming and funny winner by the author of the 2014 best seller The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry, about a woman at midlife confronting, along with her mom and daughter, a sex scandal from her youth.

[A] satisfying and entertaining story of reinvention and second chances.… Jane’s story is in the end less about political scandal and more about gaining strength and moving on from youthful missteps.
Publishers Weekly

Presenting a sharp send-up of our culture's obsession with scandal and blame, this novel pulls at the seams of misogyny from all angles, some of them sure to be uncomfortable for readers. Likely to be a popular book club pick.  —Julie Kane, Washington & Lee Lib., Lexington, VA
Library Journal

Splendid.… A witty, strongly drawn group of female voices tells Aviva’s story.… [Zevin] has created a fun and frank tale. Her vibrant and playful writing… bring the story a zestful energy, even while exploring dark themes of secrecy and betrayal.

[The] novel reinvents the familiar story more cleverly and warmly than one would have thought possible.… This book will not only thoroughly entertain…; it is the most immaculate takedown of slut-shaming…anywhere. Cheers, and gratitude, to the author.
Kirkus Reviews

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