Into the Night Sky (Finnerty)

Into the Night Sky 
Caroline Finnerty, 2014
Poolbeg Press
326 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781781999929

Conor Fahy, owner of a struggling bookshop, is finding it hard to cope in the aftermath of his partner Leni’s tragic death. His friend Ella Wilde tries to be supportive but is herself in a fragile mental state—she has just been axed from her job as a TV presenter, having been caught shoplifting.

Then eight-year-old Jack White walks into Conor’s bookshop and settles down on the floor to read. Jack likes Ben 10, Giant Jawbreakers and Ronaldo. He likes his dad (when he doesn’t shout) but he doesn’t like the bad bugs that are eating up his ma inside her tummy.

Conor listens to the talkative boy but finds it hard to piece together what is really happening in his life. He is particularly mystified by Jack’s intense resentment of a woman called Rachel Traynor, not realising that she is a social worker assigned to Jack’s case and that Jack’s fate hangs in the balance.

They must each learn the healing power of love, and the need to let the past go and turn to the future. (From the publisher.)

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