Staying On (Scott)

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Staying On provides a sort of postscript to [Scott's] deservedly acclaimed "The Raj Quartet".... He has, as it were, summoned up the Raj's ghost in Staying On.... It is the story of the living death, in retirement, and the final end of a walk-on character from the quartet.... Scott has completed the task of covering in the form of a fictional narrative the events leading up to India's partition and the achievement of independence in 1947. It is, on any showing, a creditable achievement.
Malcolm Muggeridge - New York Times Book Review

Scott's vision is both precise and painterly. Like an engraver cross-hatching in the illusion of fullness, he selects nuances that will make his characters take on depth and poignancy.
Jean G. Zorn - New York Times Book Review

Staying On far transcends the events of its central action... [The work] should help win for Scot...the reputation he deserves—as one of the best novelists to emerge from Britain's silver age.
Robert Towers - Newsweek

A graceful comic coda to the earlier song of India.... No one writing knows or can evoke an Anglo-Indian setting better than Scott.
Paul Gray - Time

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