Two Seas (Rodolico)

Two Seas: A Journey into the Heart of Italy
Lynn Rodolico, 2012
Eccolo Editions
400 pp.
ISBN-13: 9788890698699

An American woman happily married to an Italian and living in Florence for the past twenty years, unexpectedly finds herself falling in love-with Sicily. This beautifully written, deeply personal cross-cultural memoir, recounted with an astute foreigner-in-residence perspective, offers a graceful strategy for growing older: the wonders in store for those willing to exchange the symptoms of an empty nest for the veil of a second honeymoon.

By turns insightful and humorous, this seemingly simple tale of true happiness is chock-full of nuance: every page offers a glimpse of the sublime at the end of the rainbow. (From the publisher.)

Here's also a stunning video with original music of the spot in Sicily where the book takes place.

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