Daughter Novels


The Daughter Novels

What are all these daughter titles about? No idea, but that didn't stop us from finding 360 of them, if for no other reason than it seemed like a neat way to pass the time.

Authors names are noted only when there are duplicate titles—and also for those who lived in the 19th- or early 20th-centuries. Otherwise it was just too much work.

All genres are included, though not noted— fiction, poetry, a play, non-fiction, and children's works. (Return to Blog article: Daughters, Daughters Everywhere.)


Daughter Novels
Aaes's Daughter
Abel's Daughter - (Hutchinson)
Abel's Daughter - (Maddux, series)
Abortionist's Daughter
Abram's Daughters
Abuser's Daughter
Activitist's Daughter
Addiction's Daughter
Admiral's Daughter
Agitator's Daughter
Alchemist's Daughter
Ambassador's Daughter
Angel's Daughter
Aphrodite's Daughter
Aphrodite's Daughters
Artist's Daughter
Astrologer's Daughter

Baker's Daughter
Batman's Daughter,The
Beekeeper's Daughter
Belaset's Daughter
Belshazzar's Daughter
Bigamist's Daughter
Bishop's Daughter - (Brunstetter)
Bishop's Daughter - (Moore)
Blackwood's Daughter
Bonesetter's Daughter
Bookseller's Daughter
Booth's Daughter
Bootleggers Daughter
Builder's Daughter
Burgermeister's Daughter
Burger's Daughter

Cabalist's Daughter
Califia's Daughters
Captain's Daughter
Caretaker's Daughter
Caroline's Daughters
Carpenter's Daughter
Cassandra's Daughter
Charon's Daughter
Charwoman's Daughter - (Stephens, 1917)
Chief Inspector's Daughter
Cinderella's Daughter
Claudine's Daughter
Clementina's Daughter
Clergyman's Daughter (George Orwell)
Coach's Daughter
Colonel's Daughter
Communist's Daughter
Costa's Daughter - (Bercovici, 1923, play)
Courtesan's Daughter

Daughter of Ancients
Daughter of China
Daughter of Dagon
Daughter of Deceit
Daughter of Destiny - (Benazir Bhutto)
Daughter of Destiny - (Kuhlman)
Daughter of Egypt
Daughter of Eve - (Honore de Balzac)
Daughter of Fortune
Daughter of Han
Daughter of Joy
Daughter of Silk
Daughter of the Blood
Daughter of the Empire
Daughter of the Forest
Daughter of the Guilded Age
Daughter of the Mountains
Daughter of the Saints
Daughter of the Stars
Daughter of the Sun
Daughter of the Wind
Daughter of Time
Daughter of Venice
Daughter of York
Daughter of Zion

Daughters of a Coral Dawn
Daughters of an Amber Moon
Daughters of an Emerald Dusk
Daughters of Britannia
Daughters of Eve, Seven
Daughters of Ireland
Daughters of Juarez
Daughters of Lancaster County
Daughters of Madam Liang, Three
Daughters of Madness
Daughters of Mars
Daughters of Miriam
Daughters of Necessity
Daughters of Silence
Daughters of Terra
Daughters of the House
Daughters of the Lioness Series
Daughters of the Moon Series
Daughters of the North
Daughters of the17th Century, Colonial

Dairyman's Daughter
Dante's Daughter
Deception's Daughter
Demeter's daugher - (Phillipotts, 1919)
Demon's Daughter
Destiny's Daughter
Devil's Daughter
Diplomat's Daughter
Ditchdigger's Daughter
Dixie's Daughters
Doctor's Daughter
Dodo's Daughter
Donovan's Daughters - (Benson, 1914)
Dracula's Daughter
Dragon Lord's Daughter
Dragon's Daughter - (Westover, 1912)
Drunkard's Daughter
Dynamite's Daughter

Eagle's Daughter
Egalia's Daughters
Einstein's Daughter
Elminster's Daughter, Forgetten Realms:
Emperor's Daughter, Julia Augusti
Erin's Daughters in America
Eve's Daughter
Eve's Daughters
Executioner's Daughter

Failure's Daughter
Farmer's Daughter - (McDowell)
Farmer's Daughter - (Edwards)
Farmer's Daughters
Faro's Daughter
Father Melancholy's Daughter
Firework-Maker's Daughter
Fisherman's Daughter
Florist's Daughter
Flower Man's Daughter
Forbidden Daughter
Fortune's Daughter
Frightful's Daughter
Frost Giant's Daughter, Conan: The

Galileo's Daughter
Gambler's Daughter
General Winston's Daughter
General's Daughter
Gentleman's Daughter
God's Daughter
Good Daughters 
Grave of God's Daughter
Gravedigger's Daughter
Gunnar's Daughter

Hades' Daughter
Hagar's Daughter
Hangman's Beautiful Daughter
Hangman's Daughter
Hanna's Daughters
Harriet's Daughter
Healer's Daughter
Herdsman's Daughter
Heretic's Daughter
Hero's Daughter
Hitler's Daughter
Hollander's Daughter
Homer's Daughter - (Robert Graves)
Horse Dealer's Daughter - (D.H. Lawrence)
Horseman's Daughter
Horsemaster's Daughter
House of Daughters
Hummingbird's Daughter

Inmate's Daughter
Inspector's Daughter
Ironhand's Daughter
Isabel's Daughter

Jacob's Daughter
Jane Eyre's Daughter
Jephte's Daughter
Jezebel's Daughter - (Wilkie Collins)
Judge's Daughter - (Hamilton)
Judge's Daughter - (Pundt)
Judge's Daughter - (Webb)

Keeper's Daughter
King of Elfland's Daughter
Kingmaker's Daughter
King's Daughter and Other Stories
King's Daughter - (Hagee)
King's Daughter - (Musico)
King's Daughter - (Worth)
Kirkowen's Daughter
Kubiak's Daughter

Daughter Novels
Liberty's Daughters
Light-Bearer's Daughter
Lincoln's Daughter
Lord Lyttelton's Daughters
Lord-Protector's Daughter
Lot's Daughter
Lucifer's Daughter
Lydia's Daughter
Magda's Daughter
Mage's Daughter
Mamba's Daughters
Mapmaker's Daughter
Martian General's Daughter
Mayor's Daughter
Memory Keeper's Daughter
Methuselah's Daughter
Midnight's Daughter
Miller's Daughter
Miner's Daughter
Minister's Daughter - (Dixelius, 1926)
Minister's Daughter - (Egbuna)
Minister's Daughter - (Geelan, trilogy)
Minister's Daughter - (Hearn)
Minister's Daughter - (Ruheni)
Minstrel's Daughter
Mirel's Daughter
Misfortune's Daughters
Mistress's Daughter
Moneylender's Daughter
Montezuma's Daughter - (Haggard, 1896)
Mortician's Daughter
Mr. Darcy's Daughters
Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters
Murderer's Daughters
Muscian's Daughter

Narcissist's Daughter
Nativist's Daughter
Neptune's Daughter

Optimists Daughter

Packinghouse Daughter
Pandora's Daughter
Papa's Daughter
Parson Austen's Daughter
Parson Harding's Daughter
Parson's Daughter, Emerald (Phillips, 1920)
Parson's Daughter, Jane Austen:
Parson's Daughter - (Bishop)
Parson's Daughter - (Cookson, story)
Parson's Daughter - (Hook, 1835)
Parson's Daughter (Newbery)
Parson's Daughter Again
Parson's Daughter of Oxney Colen (A. Trollope)
Partisan's Daughter
Pawnbroker's Daughter
Pharaoh's Daughter
Pirate's Daughter
Pleasure's Daughter
Poacher's Daughter (Adult School Union, 1818)
Pope's Daughter
Postmaster's Daughter (Tracy, 1916)
Preacher's Daughter - (Gladney)
Preacher's Daughter - (Lewis)
President's Daughter - (Brown, 1855)
President's Daughter - (Bradley)
President's Daughter - (Britton, 1927)
President's Daughter - (Chase-Riboud)
President's Daughter - (Emerson)
President's Daughter - (Higgins)
President's Daughter - (Omene)
President's Daughter - (Rajan)
President's Daughter - (Stewart)
Prime Minister's Daughter
Princess Sultana's Daughters
Prodigal Daughter
Professor's Daughter - (Carroll, article)
Professor's Daughter - (Craig)
Professor's Daughter - (Farquhar, 1899)
Professor's Daughter - (Monro)
Professor's Daughter - (Raboteau)
Professor's Daughter - (Read)
Professor's Daughter - (Sfar)
Prophet's Daughter
Prospero's Daughter

Quilter's Daughter

Rabbi's Daughter
Railwayman's Daughter
Rakehell's Daughter
Rancher's Daughter
Rappaccini's Daughter (Nathaniel Hawthorne)
Rashi's Daughters
Rasputin's Daughter
Ray's Daughter
Razon's Daughter
Red Queen's Daughter
Regent's Daughter
Rembrandt's Daughter, I am
Reverend Mother's Daughter
Ringmaster's Daughter
Risifi's Daughter
Ropemaker's Daughter (vol.1)
Rose's Daughter
Rumi's Daughter
Rumplestiltskin's Daughter

Salvatore's Daughter
Samurai's Daughter
Sandino's Daughters
Sarah's Daughter
Scandal's Daughter
Schoolmaster's Daughter
Sea King's Daughter
Seadragon's Daughter
Senator's Daughter
Senator's Other Daughter
Serpent's Daughter
Shakespeare's Daughters
Shaman's Daughter
Shamer's Daughter
Sharecropper's Daughter
Shell Lady's Daughter
Shizuko's Daughter
Shogun's Daughter
Six Daughters of George III
Slaveholder's Daughter
Solange's Daughter
Soldier's Daughter
Somebody Else's Daughter
Somebody's Daughter
Someone's Daughter
Sorcerer's Daughter
Sovereign's Daughter
Spice Merchant's Daughter
Spinner's Daughter
Stationmaster's Daughter
Storekeeper's Daughter
Storekeeper's Daughter: A Memoir
Storyteller's Daughter - (Dokey)
Storyteller's Daughter - (Shah)
Storyteller's Daughter - (Thesman)
Sun's Daughter
Surgeon's Daughter
Sailor's Daughter

Templar's Daughter
Tevye's Daughters
The Other Daughter
Thief Queen's Daughter
Tinker's Daughter
Tree Shepherd's Daughter
Tsarina's Daughter

Undertaker's Daugher, Isaac and the
Undertaker's Daughter - (Brewster)
Undertaker's Daughter - (Mee)

Vermeer's Daughter
Vet's Daughter
Vicar's Daughter, Courtship of
Vicar's Daughter - (MacDonald, 1872)
Victoria's Daughters
Vinedresser's Daughter

Warrior's Daughter - (Easley)
Warrior's Daughter - (Bennett)
Weaver's Daughter
Wedding Planner's Daughter
Winemaker's Daughter
Winter's Daughter - (Dymoke)
Winter's Daughter - (Wilder)
Wisdom's Daughter
Witch's Daughter
Wittgenstein's Daughter
Wizard's Daughter - (Coulter)
Wizard's Daughter - (Graydale)
Wizard's Daughter - (Michaels)
Wizard's Daughter - (Wright)
Woodsman's Daughter
Wormdigger's Daughter
Wrecker's Daughter

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