Earth is Enough (Middleton)

The Earth is Enough
Harry Middleton, 1989

Pruett Publishing Co.
228 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780871088741

It is the year 1965, a year rife with change in the world—and in the life of a boy whose tragic loss of innocence leads him to the healing landscape of the Ozarks. Haunted by indescribable longing, twelve-year-old Harry is turned over to two enigmatic guardians, men as old as the hills they farm and as elusive and beautiful as the trout they fish for—with religious devotion.

Seeking strength and purpose from life, Harry learns from his uncle, grandfather and their crazy Sioux neighbor, Elias Wonder, that the very pulse of life beats from within the deep constancy of the earth, and from one's devotion to it. Amidst the rhythm of an ancient cadence, Harry discovers his home: a farm, a forest, a mountain stream, and the eye of a trout rising. (From the publisher.)

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