Tiefling (Cerny)

Tiefling:  Angel Kissed, Devil Touched
Barbara T. Cerny, 2015
Phantasm Books / Assent Publishing
332 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781628279863

Transformed by the devil and betrayed by God, Branan Lachlan is made to battle demons with naught but his Scottish wit.

The soul of half an angel.
The body of a demon.
The devil on his tail.

When the devil came for Branan Lachlan and turned him into a demon, he expected to train the young Scotsman to be the antithesis of God and his own damned apprentice. Cursed at twenty-one, Branan fought his demonic character armed only with an iconic sword and an unwavering light in his belly. Plagued by an internal battle of good versus evil, one part of him playing against the other, he is destined to walk Scotland forever, neither living nor dying.

Until now.

Turning his brother to save Earc’s life, Branan returns to the fold of his tiny family to lead them on a strange journey through the devil’s world on Earth. He is helped by Fionna Frazier, a young peasant girl with a shocking secret of her own.

The trio travels around Macbeth’s Scotland trying to escape from the devil’s spawn, Raum. They meet vampires, druids, murderers, and a harpy, all which add adventure and demand they make choices between good versus evil. In the end, will they win the epic battle with Raum and return to God or will they lose their souls to Lucifer forever?

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