Woods at Barlow Bend (Smith)

The Woods at Barlow Bend
Jodie Cain Smith, 2014
Deer Hawk Publications
296 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781625969705

A true story about death, loss, and redemption during one of the most tumultuous times in U.S. History, this book follows Hattie from the time she learns of her mother’s horrible death and the murder trial of her father, through her adulthood. Hattie learns of a strength she never knew she had, and that loving someone means forgiving them as well.

One shot fired deep in the pine forests of her youth was all it took to change Hattie’s life forever. At the age of fourteen, Hattie learns that her mother, Addie, is dead, and her father, Hubbard, stands accused of Addie’s murder, along with countless other shocking betrayals.

Overnight, Hattie becomes mother to her three siblings while still very much a child herself. The life she had dreamt of now seems impossible to achieve. How will Hattie break away from the father who prevents her from living the life she desperately wants? Will her heart ever be able to heal in the height of The Great Depression?

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