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(Starred review.) For readers familiar with the Genesis story of Sodom and Gomorrah, the finale should come as no surprise, but the journey toward that end is well worth following. The characters are flawlessly drawn, utterly human, and completely true to life. The religious and mystical aspects of the Old Testament story are delicately woven into the structure of the novel in a way that honors the original tale without focusing too heavily on divine retribution. This excellent, well-crafted historical novel showcases a truly talented storyteller.
Library Journal

Angels At The Gate is nothing short of a masterwork–superbly and eloquently written, solidly researched and a highspeed page-turner. Readers will be swept up in a story they can't put down.
Elsa D. Rutherford, editor - The Nifty Pickle

…a fantastic story...excellent compelling that I could not wait until I could read the next part of the adventure.
San Francisco Book Review

The plot is intelligently mapped and skillfully builds suspense… Thorne portrays ancient lands with an eye for wilderness… scenes unfold in crisp detail… A tale set in biblical times comes to life for a literary audience.
Foreword Reviews

A compelling and exceptional read, Angels At The Gate documents author T. K. Thorne as an impressively talented novelist. This is the stuff of which block-buster movies are made.
Midwest Review of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant will love this book.
Hutchinson News

a terrific yarn composed of brilliant world-building, clever extrapolation, and fascinating characters… The action is convincing, the characters compelling, and the setting excellently depicted. Not only is the writing smooth, but Thorne cleverly twists the biblical story, adding realism without detracting from religion.
Washington Independent Review of Books

[Thorne] manages to blend historical fiction of the most ancient sort with spiritual themes that wouldn’t frighten away even the most staunch of atheists, and she does so all while developing captivating and heart-tugging characters that you aren’t soon to forget.
Arts Bham

Filled with a remarkable interwoven detailed look into the culture of Abram’s tribe and life in a trade caravan, the second mysterious woman of the bible dramatization (see Noah’s Wife) provides a fascinating look at who Lot’s wife was before she turned into the Pillar of Salt.  The key to this entertaining biblical novelization is T.K. Thorne provides a plausible background that explains why Lot's wife would disobey the angelic warning not to look back.
Harriet Klausner - Genre Go Round Review

T. K. Thorne combined religious, archeological and historical study to create this story of a woman who followed her own path in the world… Thanks to Thorne, Lot's wife is transformed back into woman, wayward and strong but alive.
Books That Follow You Home

The reader gets a great story and learns so much about the time of Lot’s wife.
Cathie Martin - WGRT-FM

As she did in Noah's Wife, Thorne gives us a brilliantly imagined alternate history.
Perle Champion - Perle's Ink

Thorne's vivid imagination and gift for storytelling are extraordinary. For all whose curisosity is piqued by how it might have been in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah, this is a must read!
Dianne Mooney, founder - Southern Living At Home

Thorne unspools an ancient adventure with crackling undertones of our contemporary lives.  Lean, polished action sequences render a young woman's life with both intensity and nuanced truth.
Carroll Dale Short, journalist, columnist, public radio commentator, author of The Shining Shining Path

A masterpiece of historical research, interweaving history and theology in a re-visioning of an ancient story from a woman's perspective.  Thorne is a dazzlingly gifted writer.
Sue Walker, Poet Laureate of Alabama 2003-2012

Adventure, Drama, Love and Losses—I am absolutely enthralled with the writing of T. K. Thorne.
 Lenora's Culture Center and Foray into History

...a story of truths behind the myths...The author doesn't disappoint in...stripping away biblical myths and goes deeper into how these myths were formed...filled with amazing attention to detail, gritty life during that time which will not be agreeable to modern sensibilities. ...Also, if you're a doglover, you're in for a treat.
Svetlana's Reads and Views
...if you are looking for a read that is compelling, as well unique, this is definitely something to try.
A Chick Who Reads

It doesn't get any better than this...I LOVED this book....Even if you are not a fan of biblical literature, you will enjoy this book, it's a tale well told.
Book Lovers Paradise

A fascinating read. I love the creative liberties that Thorne took...
Book Nerd

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