Call Me Ishmael

call-me-ishmael-1By Kristi Spuhler for LitLovers
What if Ishmael  had a cellphone, or any phone for that matter? What kinds of messages would he receive?

That’s the basic premise behind—a site where readers call in to share powerful moments they experienced in a favorite book. Maybe the book inspired a new way of thinking or offered comfort during a rough time.

Call Me Ishmael is accessible to anyone, anywhere in the U.S. It's as easy as leaving a voicemail: just dial 774.325.0503, then go to voicemail. After listening to a brief message, record and share your story about what's made your favorite book special to you. Each weekday, "Ishmael" chooses one story to transcribe, record and upload onto the site.

Listening to readers share stories gives us a deeper appreciation of the power of books. It's a terrific way to celebrate literature's unique ability to shape our lives.

But don’t just take our word for it—give it a try yourself. Take a few moments to check out some of the transcriptions on Ishmael. And, of course, leave a story of your own.

So...what story would that be?

*Photo image courtesy of Billy Brown.

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