Letters from Skye (Brockmole)

Discussion Questions
These questions were submitted by Linley Bartell, a member of Book Buddies. Thank you Linley!

1.   Did you find the story believable? 
2.   The statement is made in the book "you can't help who you fall in love with."  Do you believe this?
3.   Did you figure out where Elspeth went?
4.   Was the language used in the letters authentic with the time period?  Did you notice much difference in the correspondence between Elspeth/Davey and Paul/Margaret?
5.   Do you think it was possible to send care packages to men in P.O.W. camps?
6.   Did the Isle of Skye speak to you?  Was it represented strongly enough that you felt like Skye was a part of the story?
7.   What did you think about the statement Elspeth made when she said she didn't go to college because she was afraid to cross the water?  Are there other reasons you can think of as to why she might not have gone to college?
8.   Were you invested in Margaret and Paul's romance?
(We'll add questions by the publisher if and when they're made available.)


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