Identical (Turow)

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Bestseller Turow is not at the top of his game in this contrived whodunit.... Assured prose compensates only in part for an overly intricate solution likely to disappoint even diehard Turow fans.
Publishers Weekly

 DNA analysis...reveals startling results—unearthing long-buried secrets involving family betrayal, incest, and chilling deceit. Verdict: Turow's well-crafted legalese does nothing to hide the bizarreness of this tale of identical twins. The roller-coaster events that unfold...slowly reveal off-the-wall and improbable behaviors. Simply too much to believe. —Jerry P. Miller. Cambridge, MA
Library Journal

Turow continues his obsession with innocence.... In this strained reworking of the theme, the mystery centers on identical twins.... Much of this book is weighed down by unnecessary accounts of characters’ lives from childhood on. The interesting part has to do with the forensics of fingerprinting and DNA... All in all, a disappointment from a much-loved author.  —Connie Fletcher

Much-practiced legal proceduralist Turow steps onto Joseph Campbell turf in his latest mystery.... Turow has obvious fun with his mythological conceit...and if sometimes the joke wears a little thin, the process of discovery takes nice and sometimes unexpected twists.... Turow never loses sight of the ancient underpinnings of his story.... Classic (in more senses than one) Turow.
Kirkus Reviews

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