Then She Found Me (Lipman)

Then She Found Me
Elinor Lipman, 1990
Simon & Schuster
307 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781416589938

April Epner teaches high school Latin, wears flannel jumpers, and is used to having her evenings free. Bernice Graverman brandishes designer labels, favors toad-sized earrings, and hosts her own tacky TV talk show: Bernice G!

But behind the glitz and glam, Bernice has followed the life of the daughter she gave up for adoption thirty-six years ago. Now that she's got her act together, she's aiming to be a mom like she always knew she could. And she's hurtling straight for April's quiet little life. (From the publisher.)

The 2008 film version is directed by and stars Helen Hunt. Colin Firth, Bette Midler, and Matthew Broderick also star.

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