Foolish Consistency (Weir)

Discussion Questions
1. The point of view shifts from first-person to third-person. What purpose does the shift serve?

2. Will and Callie each believe they have failed at their respective marriages. Why?

3. Was it a good idea for Will to tell the Hallorans about his relationship with Callie so early on?

4. Eleanor and Rowan are determined to keep Will from getting involved with Callie. What are their individual motivations?

5. What did Callie mean when she told Will she and her brother felt invisible as children?

6. What does Callie accomplish by going to Joanna’s grave?

7. Lizzy knows that Eleanor and Rowan have the wrong idea about Ben’s behavior toward her when they met in San Sebastian. Why doesn’t she correct them?

8. Did Callie and Will do the right thing by ending their relationship for the sake of their children?

9. What is the significance of Chase finally standing up to Eleanor?

10. Why was it important that Lizzy be the one to make Eleanor see the truth?
(Questions courtesy of the author.)

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