Foolish Consistency (Weir)

A Foolish Consistency 
Andrea Weir, 2014
Cedar Forge Press
342 pp.
ISBN-13: 9781936672738

When a trip to the emergency room on Christmas Eve brings Callie Winwood together with Will Tremaine, the man she once thought she’d marry but has not seen in twenty-five years, their chance meeting reignites feelings each has harbored for more than two decades.

Their journey toward one another is anything but simple, however. Following the death of his wife, Joanna, two years earlier, which he believes he caused, Will has devoted himself to his two young children.

As Will and Callie struggle with their own personal histories of love and loss, they must also navigate the complex emotions of Will’s children who still grieve for their mother. At the same time, they must struggle with Joanna s family, who refuse to accept that she is gone, and will do anything to avoid facing the truth.

Just as Callie and Will find happiness at last, they are forced apart when a scandal threatens to unravel their respective families. Putting their children above all else, Callie and Will separate—willingly but painfully—until an unexpected ally intervenes.

A Foolish Consistency explores the damage—emotional and otherwise—wrought by unacknowledged fear and grief, as well as the futility of trying to control the uncontrollable. Yet, it is also a passionate love story, and a statement on the power of hope, the importance of forgiveness, and, ultimately, the joy of redemption. (From the publisher.)

Author Bio
Raised—San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
Education—University of California, Santa Barbara
Currently—lives in Santa Barbara, California

Andrea Weir is an accomplished journalist whose work has appeared in newspapers and magazines across the country and around the world. Born in Boston, she grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area then completed a bachelor’s degree at the University of California, Santa Barbara. She and her husband continue to live in Santa Barbara, where they raised their two daughters, Rebecca and Catherine.

An avid reader and writer since adolescence, Weir composed her first stories in grade-school notebooks, and has kept a journal since she was 14. She has led writing workshops for high school juniors and seniors, and seminars on journaling for writers of all ages.

A Foolish Consistency is Weir’s first novel. (From the publisher.)

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Book Reviews
[Weir] expertly juxtaposes the sadness of loss with the joy of new beginnings ... [s]he also explores the idea of blended families with insight and finesse.
Kirkus Reviews

Weir [goes] to the next level by not glossing over the delicate choices involved in starting over at love and commitment.
µµµµ - Foreword Clarion

[A] rich, compelling love story that is anything but foolish … a complex romance for literate grown ups.
Seasons Magazine

Discussion Questions
1. The point of view shifts from first-person to third-person. What purpose does the shift serve?

2. Will and Callie each believe they have failed at their respective marriages. Why?

3. Was it a good idea for Will to tell the Hallorans about his relationship with Callie so early on?

4. Eleanor and Rowan are determined to keep Will from getting involved with Callie. What are their individual motivations?

5. What did Callie mean when she told Will she and her brother felt invisible as children?

6. What does Callie accomplish by going to Joanna’s grave?

7. Lizzy knows that Eleanor and Rowan have the wrong idea about Ben’s behavior toward her when they met in San Sebastian. Why doesn’t she correct them?

8. Did Callie and Will do the right thing by ending their relationship for the sake of their children?

9. What is the significance of Chase finally standing up to Eleanor?

10. Why was it important that Lizzy be the one to make Eleanor see the truth?
(Questions courtesy of the author.)

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