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My favorite books from my childhood that I remember the most clearly are ones that told a moral tale, wrapped up in an imaginative story. The Little Red Hen was one I asked to have read to me over and over, and aside from making me love chickens (as friends not food!) I really do believe it helped me understand me the value of patience, hard work, and the fruit—delicious bread—I’d get to eat as the result of my labors. When an acquaintance I admire told me she’d written a children’s book, I was intrigued. Author Denise Fleck  is not only a talented writer, she is the Past President of the Volunteers of the Burbank Animal Shelter, has her own line of pet first-aid kits, and she’s been on many TV shows demonstrating Pet First-Aid & CPCR. While she has written a series of animal care pocket guides, her latest book is a beautifully illustrated children’s story, Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover. Here’s more about this modern moral tale which can help teach children not to make judgements based solely on appearances—not just pets, but people too…. Mary-Alice and her friends like pretty clothes and hanging with the in-crowd, but when she requests a puppy for her birthday, her parents decide the fluffy one with the pink bow in the pet store may not be the best choice. Instead Mary-Alice ends up at the local Animal Shelter where she not only saves the life of a loving older dog, but learns that once you look beyond the plain cover of things, you can be treated to the true joys that lie underneath! Looking beyond the cover is truly canine in that dogs do not judge others based on their income, beauty or status. They live in the moment rejoicing in every kindness they are shown. Humans, young and not-so-young, can learn pawmazing lessons from our four-legged friends and when they Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

Author Denise Fleck’s new children’s book Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover, follows the main character Mary-Alice and her search for her very own “pawmazing” companion. Fleck uses her main character to teach readers that there is always more than what meets the eye.... Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover is the first in what will be a series of illustrated children’s storybooks…. Its message is "Pets are part of the family," Fleck says. Be sure to buy this book and look out for the rest of the series coming soon.
Cara Meyers - Global Animal
This book is a MUST have for both children and adults!! It delivers the important messsage about not judging others by their appearance or preconceived prejudices. This is especially true for our animals which have no voice. This book helps speak for the abandoned animals that need love and a family yet are overlooked for multiple reasons. If all children read this book we can begin to change the world as generations grow up with new found compassion. More than just a book this is a guide to becoming a better human thus creating a better world. 5.0 out of 5 stars AMAZING!!
Lindsay Neumann

This book is excellent for children. It teaches a valuable lesson that is often forgotten. The author also stresses the importance of adopting from an animal shelter. She sets you straight and squashes the misconceptions often associated with shelter animals. It's a great read and entertaining. Artwork is also captivating. I know it will be a book that my children reach for often at story time. Thank you for writing a book for children that champions our furry homeless friends!
Brenda Castaneda

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