Acea and the Animal Kingdom (Shoop)

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This book is pretty cool! There are a lot of interesting twists and mechanisms that really drive the story.  It reminded me a lot of Harry Potter.  I really like how Vesuvius was drawn, as much as we don’t want to like a villain, a story without a good villain is kind of "blah."  I recommend the book—I know you’ll love it!
Youth reviewer -

Even though it only Shoop’s freshman endeavor Acea and the Animal Kingdom is one of the better novels for young readers I’ve seen. Shoop is already a terrific storyteller, with a wonderfully vivid imagination which will suck readers into the novel for a fun, slightly scary, always exciting, emotional ride.  It’s not surprising then to find this novel is fun, exciting, a little scary, imaginative, unique, relatable and educational; in short, all the things you want from a middle-grade novel.
Christopher Taylor - Lunatic or Genius Reviews

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