Swindle (Korman)

Discussion Questions
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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for Swindle:

1. How would you describe Griffin Bin, "The Man With the Plan"? Do admire him? Is he the kind of person you would like as a friend?

2. What about Ben? What kind of friend is he? Why does he worry about trying to get the baseball card back.

3. What do you think about Griffin's advice for getting around adult rules—suggestions like how to sneak out of the house or "always maintain eye contact" when lying to your parents? Good advice...or not so good?

4. Why does Griffin organize the sleep over in the Old Rockford House?

5. Because Griffin was the one to find the baseball card, does that mean he owns it? What does Ben think?

6. Griffin intends to retrieve the card from Palomino and use the money to help his parents. Do the ends justify his means? Is he right to steal the card—in fact, is it stealing? Is there another way for Griffin to get the card back?

7. How does Griffin plan to get the baseball card back from Swindle? What are the problems he faces...and how does he attempt to solve them? Talk about Griffin's "team" and their special skills.

8. Did you enjoy this book—did you find it an exciting story? Are you happy with the way the book ended? What would you like to have seen happen to Swindle?

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