Four in the Garden (Hocker)

Four in the Garden 
Rick Hocker, 2014
Hocker Press
342 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780991557707

Four in the Garden is a thought-provoking spiritual fantasy that takes place in an imagined universe where God creates only one human.

With the help of three Teachers, this person, named Cherished, struggles to understand and trust Creator in the midst of disappointment and hardship. Cherished endures numerous challenges, all in preparation for the biggest crisis of all. In its underlying theme, this story presents life as a means for transformation provided we learn to entrust our experiences to God.

After Cherished is created, he discovers he has been brought into a world that is not without pain. Cherished resists the world, the Teachers and Creator as he strives to assert his individuality and independence. Creator reveals Himself to Cherished in surprising ways and their relationship deepens over time. Cherished messes up time and again, but learns that Creator's love is greater than all his mistakes and is the only constant in his life. (From the publisher.)

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