California Vines, Wines & Pioneers (Monahan)

Discussion Questions
1. What wine history fact surprised you the most? Why?

2. Which winery or wineries did you know were historical? Name them.

3. Which winery or wineries were you surprised to learn were historic? Name them.

4. After reading their history, are there any brands of wine you went out and sampled? Which one(s)?

5. If you sampled "history in a bottle" did you reflect on its history? How?

6. Which recipes, if any, piqued your interest? Why?

7. Did you find yourself getting thirsty or hungry as you read the book? Discuss.

8. Do you think the author did a good job in making California’s wine history fun? Why or why not?   

9. Do you feel this book would make a good travel guide if you went to Napa or Sonoma? Why or why not?
(Questions courtesy of the author.)

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