Mother Daughter Me (Hafner)

Discussion Questions
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Also, consider these broad talking points to help start a discussion for Mother Daughter Me:

1. Discuss the personalities of each of the three women—Katie, Helen and Zoe. How would you describe each of them? Do you find one more sympathetic than the others? More at fault? Were you shocked, for instance, by Zoe's rudeness...or Helen's need to control?

2. Trace the roots of the tension and anger among the three women. Consider Katie's childhood in particular. Was the disarray in the household inevitable given the family histories? Are there any parallels in your own life, past or present? To what extent are we all shaped by our past?

3. What does Hafner come to learn by the end of the memoir? What deeper understanding has she gained? What have they all come to realize?

(Questions by LitLovers. We'll add specific ones if and when they're made available by the publisher.)

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