Lost Girls (Kolker)

Discussion Questions
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Also, consider these LitLovers broad talking points to help start a discussion for Lost Girls:
1. Does the fact that the young women were call girls, sex workers, affect how you feel about their loss?

2. Kolker does an extraordinary job of elucidating the girls' backgrounds. Which backstory do you find most sympathetic? Discuss the forces that drove each of them into the dubious profession she pursued.

3. Talk about the communication devices that facilitated the girls' entry into the world of prostitution. How can society protect its young women given the ease and anonymity of modern technology?

4. Discuss the numerous theories put forth by law enforcement officials, the community, and even some of the suspsects. Which, if any of them, do you find credible?

(Questions by LitLovers. We'll add specific ones if and when they're made available by the publisher.)

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