Secretary (Ghattas)

Author Bio
Where—Beirut, Lebanon
Education—University of Beirut
Currently—lives in Washington, D.C., USA

Kim Ghattas is a journalist for the BBC and author, currently covering the US State Department. She was born in Beirut, Lebanon, of a Lebanese father of Christian background and a Dutch mother. She has two older sisters. Ghattas attended the American University of Beirut, studying political science. At the same time, she worked as an intern at an English-language newspaper in Beirut.

Later, Ghattas worked for the Financial Times and the BBC from Beirut. After reporting from the Middle East, in early 2008 she moved to Washington, DC to take up her post covering the US State Department. Her work has been published in Time magazine, the Boston Globe, and the Washington Post and she appears regularly as a guest on NPR radio shows. (From Wikipedia.)

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