Unquenchable Thirst (Johnson)

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A wonderful achievement.... Johnson opens the window on a horizon of spiritual questions [and] takes an unflinching look inside her own heart.
Christian Science Monitor
An incredible coming-of-age story.... [It] has everything a memoir needs: an inside look at a way of life that most of us will never see, a physical and emotional journey, and suspense.

Reads like a novel...an exacting account of a woman growing into her own soul.
Marcia Mentor - More Magazine

Engaging, heartfelt and entertaining.... [Johnson] articulates her struggles with her God in words that will hit home.
Shari Roan - Los Angeles Times
An inspiration that transcends any particular religious belief.... An Unquenchable Thirst is a journey that captivates, but its resonance lies in the life examined.
Robin Vidimos - Denver Post

Johnson, a writer and Fellow of the MacDowell Colony, left the Missionaries of Charity in 1997. She overshares the 20 years she spent as a nun under the direction of Mother Theresa.... Johnson writes candidly of self-flagellation, humiliation, and her furtive exploration of her sexuality.... The epilogue, covering her life after she left the order, teases with riches never mined.
Publishers Weekly

Johson presents a remarkable, elegant spirital memoir showcasing her journey, and a fascinating view inside of Mother Theresa's organization. —Nancy Richey
Library Journal

(A Best Book of the Year.) Beautifully crafted memoir of one woman's experience in Mother Teresa's order, the Missionaries of Charity. Early on, Johnson compares prayer to immersion in water: "I could close my eyes and float on the river of God's Love almost at will." Readers, too, will find themselves transported into another world by this powerful, revealing memoir.... [But as] it became increasingly clear to Johnson that the Missionaries of Charity's vision and management were diverging from her own beliefs and values, she struggled with her place in the order and eventually made the decision to leave after two decades of service.... [L]likely to be controversial; her memoir is exceptional.
Kirkus Reviews

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