Reed Shaken by the Wind (Maxwell)

Book Reviews
This is prose close to poetry, written by a man of great perception and understanding.
W.O. Douglas - New York Times (2/9/58)

This is a direct, simple and vivid narrative by a man with a fine gift for noting visual details and a sure touch in describing them in tersely graphic prose. Mr. Maxwell writes with modest, and with frankness.
Orville Prescott - New York Times (2/15/1958)

It is not too much to say that the author has produced an almost perfect book of travel.
New Yorker

This is a portrait of the marsh Arabs of southern Iraq. Maxwell presents his impressions of these secluded people, along with numerous photos. Although intended as a travel book, this might make more of a historical or sociological study now, given the current turmoil in Iraq.
Library Journal (2004)

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