All the Birds, Singing (Wyld)

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If the novel sounds forbiddingly dark, it’s not. It’s swift and assured and emotionally wrenching. You won’t only root for Jake, you’ll see the world, hard facts and all, more clearly through her telling. There’s hope at the end, and wit, and friendship.
Maile Meloys - New York Times Book Review

Wyld teasingly leads readers to the mysterious incident Jake is trying to escape.... Pungent with menace.
Wall Street Journal

Daring and fierce, this is a book that makes you feel the need to look over your shoulder in case something dark and hulking might be gaining on you.... Brilliantly unsettling.
Boston Globe

Gloriously gruesome.... Half of you wants to race through to find out what happens, half wants to pause over the dark, clotted sentences. And then the state of suspense becomes almost unbearable, and you rush through, feeling like you are sprinting through a museum of sinister curiosities, too frightened to linger.... The final revelation, when it comes, is explosive.

A tremendous achievement.... A dark, powerfully disturbing and beautifully observed story...almost Nabokovian in its structural intricacy.
William Boyd - New Statesman

Outstanding.... Evie Wyld is the real thing.... She reconfigures the conventions of storytelling with a sure-footedness and ambition which belie her age.... Quite as good as Ian McEwan’s early fiction.
Spectator (UK)

Extraordinarily accomplished, one of those books that tears around in your cerebellum like a dark firework, and which, upon finishing, you immediately want to pick up again.
Financial Times (UK)

In the searing second novel from Wyld, the past takes real and imagined forms, all terrifying, in its protagonist’s life.... It is a testament to Wyld’s vivid storytelling that readers will feel determined to drag themselves through her tale’s more unsavory moments to its final revelation.
Publishers Weekly

Wyld has masterfully created a novel with an unusual structure that nevertheless feels natural, a dark, eerie undertone that delivers gripping suspense, and subject matter that can get grim and even hard to read yet never makes the story feel depressing.... [T]rust Wyld, she will quickly draw you in; a true pleasure to read. —Shaunna E. Hunter, Hampden-Sydney Coll. Lib., VA
Library Journal

(Starred review.) The tricky narrative strategy has given Jake a past but not developed a full character.... Wyld has ordained a permanently dark life for her protagonist, a stubborn fate that offsets the surprises and the reader's enjoyment.
Kirkus Reviews

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