In the Blood (Unger)

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[A] brisk, crafty and fascinating psychological thriller.... Offers plenty of good, scary fun — scenes that will make readers jump... [and] a reveal that will surely elicit a satisfied gasp from the reader.... In the Blood is a complex mosaic as well, one that’s tricky, arresting and meaningful.
Washington Post

Always scary…Unger neatly distorts our perceptions, so there’s no telling what is what. Well done.
New York Daily News

In The Blood may be [Unger's] best one yet.... Keeps the shocks and twists coming at a breakneck pace.
Tampa Bay Tribune

A riveting chess match of twists will keep you guessing—and keep you up at night.
Family Circle

Nothing is what it seems as Unger pulls off some beautiful surprises in this intriguing thriller.... Masterfully told.
Associated Press

A fantastic novel full of suspense and intrigue. Massively recommended.
The Sun (UK)

Unger is a compelling storyteller whose tales rest on human frailty.... She makes it impossible to stop reading.
Charlotte Observer

(Starred review.) Bestseller Unger returns to the Hollows, the secluded upstate New York town that served as the setting for Fragile and Darkness, My Old Friend, for this gripping novel of psychological suspense.... [A] tense, surprise-laden plot.
Publishers Weekly

This fast-moving book is a rollercoaster thrill ride, withholding crucial facts and then pounding you with them as the chapters wind down. It’s a quick, adrenaline-filled read with a slam-bang climax. Unger’s skill with words, combined with a pace that never lets up, is guaranteed to keep the pages turning long past the midnight hour.

We're asked to believe that one dangerously unstable child can grow up and learn to love with the help of therapy and lots of meds, while another with virtually identical issues will always be a monster. Few readers will dwell on this inconsistency as they savor the pleasure of being guided by Unger's sure hand along a deliciously twisted narrative path. Another scary winner from an accomplished pro.
Kirkus Reviews

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