Worthy Brown's Daughter (Margolin)

Author Bio
Where—New York, New York, USA
Education—B.A., American University; J.D., New York
Currently—lives in Portland, Oregon

Phillip Margolin is a writer of legal thrillers. After receiving a B.A. in Government in 1965, from American University in Washington, D.C., he worked for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Liberia. In 1970 he graduated from the New York University School of Law, spending 25 years as a criminal defense attorney in the Oregon Court of Appeals. It was an occupation, he said, inspired by his love of Perry Mason books.

In 1974 he published his first short story, "The Girl in the Yellow Bikini," and by 1996 became a full-time writer, penning 20 books, including a collection of short stories. He lists as his favourite writer Joseph Conrad, and Tolstoy's War and Peace among his favorite books, along with Mitchell Smith's Stone City.

Margolin was married to Doreen Stamm in 1968. They had two children, Ami and Daniel. Doreen, also a defense attorney, died from cancer in January 2007.

Margolin is also the president of Chess for Success, a non-profit organisation "dedicated to helping children develop skills necessary for success in school and life by learning chess." (From Wikipedia.)

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