Something on the Side (Weber)

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In Something on the Side you'll fall in love with the members of the Big Girls Book club (BGBC). Besides loving a good book, there's only one other requirement to join: You have to be at least size 14. Tammy, BGBC's president, has as much drama going on as any of the books her members are reading. Consider this: Tammy loves her husband, Tim, so much that she wants to give him a threesome for his b-day. The other woman? Her best friend, Egypt, who, like you, will think homegirl has lost her mind. As he did in previous page-turners, Weber keeps the action moving while giving us some surprisingly touching moments that will make you pause just long enough to reach for a tissue.

The only requirement to joining the Big Girls Book Club is all ladies must be at least a size 14. Another unofficial rule appears to be having something going on in one's love life that's a little bit dangerous. But in Weber's raunchy romantic comedy, these babes find there's a consequence to every freaky action in or out of the bedroom. The BGBC president is Tammy, a "sexy egomaniac" whose marriage suffers after she persuades her best friend Egypt to participate in a threesome as a birthday gift for her hubby, Tim. Egypt's sister, Isis, must face the truth about her fiance, Tony, while Egypt learns keeping secrets from the girls isn't wise. Coco, BGBC's aggressive single, finally meets her match. And the trouble Nikki is having with Tiny, the woman she left her jealous husband for, gets intense after Nikki meets a new flame. Weber keeps things tight and funny; readers with a bent for the bootylicious will certainly want to pick this one up.
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