Lost Girls of Rome (Carrisi)

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Carrisi takes an unsparing look at the nature of evil and guilt in this fascinating, if meandering, thriller. Sandra Vega, a forensic photographer with the Milan police, refuses to believe the official ruling that her photojournalist husband David Leoni’s death five months earlier was accidental.... [S]hifts between past and present make the complex plot, which moves at a halting pace, hard to follow.... [A] surprising climax.
Publishers Weekly

Multiple story lines weave a complicated web in this psychological thriller from Italian author Carrisi. Forensic analyst Sandra Vega...receives a phone call insinuating that her photographer husband's death may not have been the unfortunate accident she believes it to be.... Verdict: With a lot of separate subplots, intricate details, and twists, this novel has plenty for readers to follow, but those who can keep up will be rewarded with a satisfying conclusion.  —Madeline Solien, Deerfield P.L., IL
Library Journal

Masterful. With each chapter, THE LOST GIRLS OF ROME jumps from one plotline to the next, back and forth between the present and one year ago. Carrisi uses this device to full advantage, building suspense to almost unbearable (and perhaps supernatural) levels, all the way to a truly surprising ending.
Bruce Tierney - BookPage

A secret sect worthy of a Dan Brown novel, the penitenzieri are a group of rogue Catholic clergymen who...mete out justice on their own.... Could this be the story that forensic analyst Sandra Vega’s journalist-husband was working on when he died?...  This multilayered thriller was a best-seller in the author’s native Italy, but, while it may attract attention here, readers are likely to come away something short of satisfied.  —Karen Keefe

(Starred review.) With references to the Monster of Florence, a medieval serial murderer, and a secret Vatican sect, Carrisi's second literary thriller draws readers into a labyrinth of evil. In his derelict Rome villa, Jeremiah Smith lies comatose, "Kill Me" carved in his chest. The emergency responder physician begins working and then sees evidence that Smith is her twin sister's killer. With that, Carrisi's noir narrative descends into surrealism, soon drawing in Sandra Vega, police forensic analyst.... A powerful psychological drama.
Kirkus Reviews

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