Where the Moon Isn't (Filer)

Discussion Questions
1. Discuss Matthew’s relationship with his parents. How does it change throughout the novel?

2. Why does Matthew need to tell his story? Is the act of writing a cathartic process?

3. How does Matthew portray life in the psychiatric ward? Were you shocked by any of the

4. What is Nanny Noo’s role in the novel?

5. Discuss Matthew’s comment on page 275, ‘I guess there’s a Use By date when it comes to
blaming your parents for how messed up you are’.

6. In Matthew’s invitation to Aaron and Jenny, he writes ‘I’m really sorry if I’ve got your name
wrong. Part of me thinks it’s Gemma. Please forgive me if I got it wrong. Not making excuses, but
I am a schizophrenic.’ Is this an indication that Matthew has come to terms with his illness? Why
does he joke about it?

7. How did the novel make you feel? Would you recommend it?

8. Did you have much of an insight into schizophrenia before reading the novel? Has it made you
want to find out more about mental illness?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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