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Supreme Macaroni Company (Trigiani) - Book Reviews

Book Reviews
Trigiani explores the delicate balance (and unbalance) between work, family, and love.... [O]ften hilarious.... A twist near the end of the book is not unexpected, but tense shifts get a little dizzying.... Trigiani’s ability to bring the large, warm, enveloping—if somewhat dysfunctional—family to life will keep any reader engrossed and entertained.
Publishers Weekly

Trigiani's latest introduces readers to Val Roncalli, shoemaker and member of a boisterously loud Italian American family...announces that Gianluca Vechiarelli, a tanner, has proposed to her. More shocking is that Val has accepted.... Val's eccentric family keeps the book going at a quick pace, distracting readers from Val's insecure baby steps toward marital bliss. —Mara Dabrishus, Ursuline Coll. Lib., Pepper Pike, OH
Library Journal

The third in a trilogy about the life of Valentine Roncalli. Trigiani re-enters familiar territory here, both in that this book follows two previous novels about the Roncalli family and in that it has many of her hallmarks: sprawling Italian families, old-world craftsmanship, and melodious love letters to New York City and Italy.... Fans of Trigiani's Valentine books will find plenty of fodder here.
Kirkus Reviews

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