Ten Things I've Learnt About Love (Butler)

Discussion Questions
1. What is the function of the lists Alice and Daniel make? How do they shape your reading of the chapters?

2. How does Daniel's understanding of the city differ from Alice's? What does it mean to each of them to be "at home" there?

3. What is the significance of the quote from John Clare that opens the novel?

4. How do you think Alice's personality has been formed by her relationships with Cee and Tilly?

5. How have the choices that Cee and Tilly made about starting their own families differed from Alice's?

6. Why do you think Daniel has not sought help to improve his situation?

7. Why does Daniel make sculptures out of found objects?

8. Discuss the dynamics of Kal and Alice's relationship. Why have they come to such an impasse?

9. What do you think of Daniel's decision not to reveal the truth of his past to Alice? Why does he decide against doing so?

What do you think Alice has learned about herself by the end of the novel?
(Questions issued by publisher.)

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