Universe Versus Alex Woods (Extence)

Author Bio
Raised—Swineshead, Lincolnshire, UK
Education—Ph.D. in Film Studies
Awards—Waterstone 11 Literary Prize
Currently—lives in Sheffield, UK

Gavin Extence is a contemporary English writer. He won the Waterstones 11 literary prize for his first book The Universe Versus Alex Woods (2013). He has a PhD in Film studies, is married, has a daughter and is also a keen chess player.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods is Extence's début novel and is the everyday tale of a teenage science nerd hit by a meteorite who strikes up a friendship with a pot-smoking Vietnam veteran. It is the story of wilful teenager Alex, who acquires a fascination with science and astronomy after being struck by a falling meteorite and going into a coma. After recovering, Alex forms an unusual friendship with an aged, dope-smoking Vietnam vet, the reclusive Mr. Peterson, who is a dedicated aficionado of Kurt Vonnegut. (From Wikipedia. Retrieved 7/12/2013.)

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