And Then I Found You (Henry)

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Henry writes this story with eloquence and beauty. This is her most personal and her most powerful story to date.
Huffington Post

A delicious read featuring all of the elements of love, loss and familial tension.

A fictional work based on real-life events in the life of the author's sister. In the fictional version, Katie falls in love with Jack when she is 13 and makes a promise she will love him forever. He reciprocates.... But when Katie wants to take a job in Arizona..., Jack finds it hard to wait for her return.... By the time Katie realizes she is pregnant with their child, Jack is married to someone else.... Katie decides to give the little girl to an anonymous couple who have been trying to have a child for years.... In the midst of these developments, the daughter they continue to think about and love for 13 years finds them. Lives are rearranged, and cherished dreams are finally realized.... [The author] was inspired to write a novel that explores the emotions and life changes that such a miraculous reunion can bring to a family. A touching story.
Kirkus Reviews

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