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Gone Girl (Flynn) - Author Bio

Author Bio
Raised—Kansas City, Missour, USA
Education—B.A., University of Kansas; M.A.,
   Northwest University
Awards—Ian Fleming Steel Daggers
Currently—lives in Chicago, Illinois

Gillian Flynn is an American author and former television critic for Entertainment Weekly. She has published three novels: Sharp Objects (2006), Dark Places (2009) and Gone Girl (2012).

The plot of Sharp Objects revolves around a serial killer in a Missouri town, and the reporter who has returned to her hometown from Chicago to cover the event. Themes include dysfunctional families, violence and self-harm. In Dark Places a woman who investigates whether or not her incarcerated brother was truly responsible for the murder of their family in the 1980s, which happened when she was a child during the era of panic about Satanic ritual abuse. Her third novel, Gone Girl (2012) concerns the disappearance of Amy Dunne, and her husband is under investigation by the police.

All three novels have received wide praise, including from authors such as Stephen King. In 2007, Sharp Objects was shortlisted for the Mystery Writers of America Edgar for Best First Novel by an American Writer; Crime Writers' Association(CWA) Duncan Lawrie; CWA New Blood; and Ian Fleming Steel Daggers, winning in the last two categories. (From Wikipedia.)

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