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Discussion Questions
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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for Fifty Shades Freed:

1. The third book of the trilogy opens after Ana and Christian's wedding. Is their marital relationship what you expected? Is it more of the same...or different from books one and two?

2. E.L. James introduces flashbacks into this novel. Why might she have done so? Do they enhance the flow of the novel...or slow it down?

3. Does James maintain the same page-turning level of suspense in this third installment as she did in the other two?

4. What does the title mean?

5. Some feel that James should have ended the series after the second book. Do you agree or disagree? Is the book repetitive or does it introduce something new, either in terms of plot or in the relationship between Ana and Christian?

6. Is Ana and Christian's relationship an abusive relationship masquerading as a romantic one...or something else?

7. What do you think of Christian's reaction to the news that Ana is pregnant? Would you want to bring a child into a "family" environment such as theirs? What kind of parents do you predict they'll be in the long run?

8. Why is Ana always apologizing? Readers have complained throughout the series that Ana is either stupid, dense, or lacking any kind of backbone. Do you agree or disagree? Does Ana change by the end of book three? If so, how?

9. If you were Ana's friend, what would you advise her regarding her relationship (and now marriage) to Christian?

10. What about Christian—does he change? Would you have stayed with him despite his good looks and wealth? What else is there to recommend him?

11. At the end of the book, Christian still looks upon Mrs. Robinson a friend, despite the pain she had caused him? Why? Does it bother you that he finds a way to exculpate a pedophile?

12. Does the series end where you wanted it to end? Does the ending feel forced or tacked on...or does it evolve naturally from what came before?

13. Are people who engage in BDSM troubled? Or is BDSM simply a more potent form of sexual expression, which explores the human soul on a deeper level?

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