Death of a Salesman (Miller)

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By common consent, this is one of the finest dramas in the whole range of the American theatre. Humane in its point of view, it has stature and insight, awareness of life, respect for people and knoweldge of American manners.... [I]t is virtuoso theatre. It brings the whole theatre alive.
Brook Atkinson - New York Times (2/20/1949)

What accounts for Mr. Miller's continuing appeal? Perhaps some of the very aspects of his work that seem so old-fashioned--his moral seriousness and fondness or mythic intonations...--are refreshing anomalies in this age of relentless irony and cynicism.... Mr. Miller's assumption that "life has meaning" appeals to our vestigial belief (or hope).... [H]is efforts, however ham-handed, to addres the larg questions of right and wrong suggest that the theater still matters, that it can still provide a venue or intellectual debate.
Michiko Kakutani - New York Times (2/7/1999, 50th anniversary production)

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