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2007 Book Reviews — Themes

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Dec '07 — In Praise of This Land
This month's books delve into the soil of the great American plains where their characters find rootedness, connection and community.

A Thousand Acres
My Antonia

Nov '07 — Sons and Mothers
A connection like no other—born of intensity, bound by love, and fed by dreams. The lives of three men are shaped, for better or worse, by their mothers' ambitions.

The Color of Water
Empire Falls
Sons and Lovers

Oct '07 — Novelist as Master Weaver
"Social Novels" are sprawling works, inter-weaving multiple plot strands with large casts of characters. They reflect the complex social fabric of an era, it's ideals and traditions.

Can't Wait to Get to Heaven
The Whole World Over

Sept '07 — The Novel of Ideas
Some works masquerade as fiction—they use the narrative mask of plot and character to explore serious philosophical ideas. Serious, yes, but gripping stories, too.

The War Against Miss Winter
On Beauty
Howards End

Aug '07 — The Inimitable English Woman
Three very different English heroines from three different eras. Bridget, Edith, and Elizabeth—all distinct characters, but each delightful...and each very, very English.

Bridget Jones's Diary
Hotel du Lac
Pride and Prejudice

July '07 — Male Bonding
Male friendship is a literary theme reaching back to Homer. Rarely without conflict, books about friendship are windows onto our own capacity for love, loyalty...and sometimes betrayal.

A Walk in the Woods
The Kite Runner
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

June '07 — Seeking Wholeness
This month's works revolve around those who seek to piece together broken hearts, fill empty souls, and mend divided identities.

Eat, Pray, Love
The Bone People
Till We Have Faces

May '07 — The Meaning of Water
Water occupies a special niche in our collective psyche: it connects us, it binds us in common humanity. We spring from water, we are made of water. Water is pure, it cleanses, it nourishes, it heals, it renews. Water is mysterious, it is eternal, it merges past with present. To be adrift on water is to be adrift in life, it is to be in life, it is life.

A River Runs Through It
Life of Pi

From this point on there are no themes. It just hadn't dawned on us until May 2007. So don't quit now—you're near the end! Scroll down just a bit farther to see our earliest Book Reviews. There are some great ones!

April 2007
Curious Incident of the Dog...Night-time
Mountains Beyond Mountains
Out of Africa

March 2007
The Secret Life of Bees
Crossing to Safety
Absalom, Absalom!

February 2007
The Annotated Alice in Wonderland
Bel Canto
A Dance to the Music of Time

January 2007
Marley and Me

December 2006
Pavlov's Cats (Poems)
Ahab's Wife
The Good Soldier

November 2006
The Samaurai's Garden
The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Great Expectations

October 2006
Early Bird
The Time Traveler's Wife
Mrs. Dalloway

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