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2011 Book Reviews — Themes

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Dec '11 — Kids Raising Cain
Kids on the loose, their compasses askew—"fierce savages" as one of our books puts it. All of which makes you wonder: how did they get like this? Did we do it?
Lord of the Flies
Nov '11 — Nuclear Family Explosions
Ordinary families explode under pressure from everyday life. Yet their struggles to put the pieces back together is a tacit acknowledgment of our primal need for family ties.
The Astral
Oct '11 — Love You To Death
Vampires don't die...and neither, it seems, does our fascination with them. So why not cozy up to our trio of scary vampire books this month?
The Radleys
Sept '11 — That New York Glitter
Three books with characters on the outside looking in at New York's glittering society. They discover life's sad maxim—all that glitters is not gold.
Rules of Civility
The Emperor's Children
The Age of Innocence
Aug '11 — The Books of August
August, the last gasp of summer—when temper-
atures run high and emotions run hot. We've got three great reads, all with August in the title.

August Heat
The Dry Grass of August
Light in August

July '11 — Eastward Ho
Many authors have explored the cultural divide faced by Asians making their homes in the West. We're bucking the tide to find out what happens when Westerners head to the East.

City of Tranquil Light
Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet
A Passage to India

June '11 — Crash of the Titans
So many books have been published about the 2008 Wall Street crash that book clubs might want to take note. We've chosen three—all great reads, like the best of fiction.

The Big Short
Too Big to Fail
All the Devils Are Here

(All 3 in the Wonderfully Written category.)

May '11 — Ghostworld
Authors use the paranormal to explore the normal— their earthbound human characters who turn out not to be so normal after all.

Maybe This Time
The Third Angel
The Turn of the Screw

Feb '11 — Stranger than Fiction
When it comes to history—especially the history of human achievement—what constitutes real life is simply stranger than fiction.

The Professor and the Madman
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
The Great Bridge: The Brooklyn Bridge

Jan '11 — Sisters in Exile
Sisters banished from lives of comfort and security find unknown reserves of strength and courage in adversity. They discover who they are—and learn what matters most.

The Three Weissmanns of Westport
Shanghai Girls
Sense and Sensibility

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