Rant (Palahniuk)

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Also consider these LitLovers talking points to help get a discussion started for Rant:

1. Are you a Chuck Palahniuk fan or not? If this is your first foray into his strange world, is he too funny to put down...or too macabre to enjoy? Or both?

2. Palahniuk always his sets his sights on a wider world than his fictional one. What is he taking aim at in this book?

3. What is Rant's problem? Why is he addicted to spider bites or car crashes...or any of this other violent behaviors? What is he searching for? Or is he at heart a nihilist?

4. Talk about the humor, the dark humor, in this book. What parts do you find especially funny, or maybe sardonic would be a better term.

5. Is Rant dead?

6. Why would Palahniuk portray his character through such widely divergent viewpoints? In what way are the accounts of Rant contradictory?

7. Talk about the phrase "boosting peaks" and how it applies to the process of reading this work.

8. What about Wallace Boyer, the car salesman? In what way is he a stand-in for Palahniuk?

9. Are you satisfied with the ending? Did you pick up on clues as you were reading...or did you have to go back and find them afterward?

10. What other books have you read by Palahniuk? If so, how does this one compare? (By the way, what about Rant's reference to Fight Club?) If you haven't read any other works, does this one inspire you to do so?

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