Just Too Good to be True (Harris)

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1. Is Brady...well, just too good to be true? In other words, does Harris paint him as a realistic character? Is he fully developed, flaws and all, as a human being?

2. How about Barrett's character? What are her motivations? Has Harris portrayed her as a stereotypical vamp? Or has he given her more depth than is first apparent? Do we come to see something more human beneath her shallow exterior by the end of the book?

3. Carmyn and her secret: what does Harris seem to be suggesting about secrets—their ability to corrode the soul or compromise relationships based on love and truthfulness.

4. Usually people don't reveal secrets out of shame...is that a plausiable explanation for Carmyn's deception? How do you feel about Brady's reaction to his mother when the truth is revealed? Can...should forgiveness trump deception?

5. Harris explores issues surrounding the exploitation of young African-American athletes. What pressures are young players subjected to? Do you find that world unscrupulous?

6. A couple of storylines seemed to have been dropped. What happened to Naomi and the baby? Or Brady's best friend and mother? Were you annoyed that their stoylines were never concluded?

7. Then there's May Jean—and especially that email message. Funny?

8. Was the ending predictable? Or were you pleasantly surprised by how events were resolved?

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