In the Woods (French) - Author Bio

Author Bio 
Where—Vermont, USA
Reared—in the US, Italy and Africa
Education—B.A., Trinity College, Dublin
Awards—Edgar Award
Currently—lives in Dublin, Ireland

Tana French is an Irish novelist and theatrical actress. Born in the USA, in the state of Vermont, she had a peripatetic childhood that took her to Florence and Rome, as well as the African nation of Malawi.

She attended Trinity College in Dublin, receiving a degree in drama and English. Prior to writing In the Woods, her first novel, she was best known as a professional actor in a wide variety of theatrical productions, as well as film and voice-over. She is a liaison of the Purple Heart Theatre Company.

Both her debut novel In the Woods and follow-up, The Likeness, have been bestsellers in hardcover and paperback. A resident of Dublin since 1990, she lives there with her husband and daughter—while maintaining dual citizenships in the US and Italy. (Adapted from the publisher and Wikipedia.)

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