Would I Lie to You? (Thomas)

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Venus is a likable heroine: She has an interesting job assisting corporations with multicultural marketing, she is refreshingly bright, and her love interest—one of three, actually—is an ex-rapper turned clothing mogul.
Susan Coll - Washington Post

A soulful, romantic story that will make the reader fall in love with love again.
Black Issues Book Review

Thomas's enjoyable but flawed novel continues the story of Venus Johnston, begun in Nappily Ever After. Now 36, Venus has become the director of a Washington, D.C., marketing firm. Sent to Los Angeles to revive JPWear, the clothing brand of former rap artist Jake Parson, Venus is surprised by her powerful instant attraction to Jake. She works hard to ignore her emotions, especially because her long-time fiance, Airic, a self-made businessman, awaits her return to D.C. Jake, attracted to Venus and undeterred by her engagement, begins to weaken her resolve, until the sudden hospitalization of Venus's mother forces her to step back and carefully examine her own life. It also brings her into contact with her old flame Dr. Clint Fairchild, allowing her to express her long-held anger at their sudden breakup. She remains ambivalent about Jake's role in her life until her best friend visits Los Angeles with the disturbing news that Airic is under investigation for securities fraud. With her successful project nearly complete, Venus decides to return to Washington—more out of duty than love, though she won't admit it. Airic's case is favorably resolved, but Venus decides to end their relationship, even though she is pregnant with his child. Jake, still on the West Coast, has stayed in close touch with Venus; finally, he can be hers—but will he want to make a life with Venus and another man's child? Readers may be distracted by the plethora of bit players, and too much is crammed into the final few pages. Nonetheless, Thomas's new novel will please her fans and perhaps win new ones as well. Though a sequel, this novel easily stands alone, and compares favorably to others in the genre. Look for Thomas's numbers to rise.
Publishers Weekly

Venus Johnston picks up where she left off after ending her relationship with Clint. Although she supported him while he attended medical school, he wouldn't commit to marriage.... Readers who enjoyed Thomas' Nappily Ever After (2000) will enjoy this sequel. —Vanessa Bush

Venus Johnston is back-and she's gotta make up her mind. After she quit fussing with her processed hair and chopped it all off in Nappily Ever After (2000), Venus dumped pediatrician Clint and met Airic, a handsome, workaholic dot-com entrepreneur putting together his first IPO. He sure looks like Mr. Right, and they've been together for two years, but they just can't seem to set a date for the wedding. Well, whatever, she's 36 and that's not old enough to worry about being an old maid, not these days. Venus ignores her mama's unsubtle nagging—especially the suggestion about freezing some eggs just in case. When a new man enters her life, Venus is flummoxed. Ex-rapper turned clothing designer Jake Parsons ain't so special—except for his deep, phone-sex voice, gentlemanly manners, good looks, style, and immense personal fortune. She feels a little guilty daydreaming about Jake when Airic works so hard and seems so devoted—but when it comes right down to it, he just won't commit. Hired to freshen up the JPWear line, Venus spends a lot of time with Jake, fighting the powerful attraction he has. She just can't cheat on Airic, not after the way Clint cheated on her, but .... And her mother's diagnosis of breast cancer teaches Venus the hard truth that life is sometimes a lot shorter than we want it to be. When she finds out she's pregnant, however, Airic isn't happy at all. Relegated to a greeting-card relationship with his two kids by a difficult ex-wife, he still doesn't want to marry, and he doesn't want to be just a checkbook daddy, either. Vowing to go it alone, Venus gives birth to a girl, Mya. Will Jake want her and another man's baby? Happy ending awaits, with a can-I-get-a-witness choir backing up her one and only as he pledges eternal love. Briskly written sequel, very likable heroine.
Kirkus Reviews

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