Third Angel (Hoffman)

The Third Angel
Alice Hoffman, 2008
Crown Publishing
256 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780307405951

Three women linked over time by love and redemption.

Three weddings riddled with secrecy and betrayal. Three generations wounded by heartbreak and loss. Traveling backward through time, The Third Angel moves from modern-day London where Maddy Heller seduces her sister’s fiance to the wild days of the '60s where Frieda Lewis falls for a musician with in search of a muse, and finally to the buttoned-down '50s where Bryn Evans can’t give up her complicated ex-husband.

At the center of this intricate web is Lucy Green, who as a 12-year-old girl witnesses a tragic lover’s quarrel in a London hotel. Already rocked by the death of her mother, Lucy withdraws into books and dreams. If love inevitably leads to pain and sorrow, why go on?

Only by discovering the Third Angel, an angel in disguise on Earth, can each of the characters embrace the transforming nature of love. With this beautifully wrought and elegant novel, Alice Hoffman once again tells an unforgettable story of love and faith. (From the publisher.)

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