Night Cruiser (Dale)

Night Cruiser: Short Stories about Creepy, Amusing or Spiritual Encounters with the Shadow
Veronica Dale, 2014
Nika Press
98 pp.
ISBN-13: 9780692344613

Ten different people come face to face with the dark side. Will they run from it in horror, challenge it with humor, or deal with it in hope? And what exactly is "the shadow" they encounter?
For lonely Isabel, it's the whisper from the basement that invites her to come on down. For second-grader Emma, it's the tortured spirit that has haunted her family for generations. For the grieving Deacon William, it's the damaged android that frightens visitors in the retreat house halls.
Psychologist Carl Jung maintained that everyone has a shadow—the dark side of ourselves we don't want to look at, the faults and foibles that we keep hidden, or the challenges we think we can't cope with. If left to fester, all these can get projected into our nightmares, our monster movies, and even onto other people and groups. His experience told him, however, that those who meet the shadow's challenge can find an inner light.
Discover how this works out for Brent, who consults his psychologist friend about a weird marital problem. Or for the practical young woman who must get rid of the wizard who somehow stumbled into her apartment. Or for Miles, who desperately seeks a reason not to take his own life. If you're intrigued by clever and imaginative writing, crave fascinating stories that pack a lot in a short space, and appreciate an author who never lets religion get in the way of her highly spiritual and deeply psychological message, take a wild ride on the Night Cruiser. It will be fun, spooky, and strange.

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