LitPicks Book Reviews—November 2006

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The Samurai's Garden
Gail Tsukiyama, 1994
224 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
November 2006

I worked up quite an appetite while reading this charming book—there's a fair amount of cooking and eating going on, and it made me hanker for some Japanese food.

There are also intriguing descriptions of Japanese decor: the exquisite airiness of shoji (paper walls) and the beauty of human artistry imposed on nature. This last has to do with the garden in the book's title.



The Memory Keeper's Daughter
Kim Edwards, 2005
432 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
November 2006

Dark secrets that lie deep in the heart always find their way to the surface. That's the premise of The Memory Keeper's Daughter, a painful but beautiful book about how lies corrode the human soul.

Two stories are told in tandem. The first is the story of Dr. David Henry who, unbeknownst to his wife, gives away their second twin, a baby girl with Down syndrome.
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Great Expectations
Charles Dickens, 1860
560 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
November 2006

Poor boy. With a name like Pip, no wonder this novel's hero dreams of grandiosity.

The title refers to the large inheritance a wealthy young man expects to receive one day, ensuring a life of gentlemanly leisure. But Pip hails from the lower classes so has no such "expectations"— until one day, one mysteriously drops into his lap.


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