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The Rosie Project
Graeme Simsion, 2013
304 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
November, 2013

Feelings disrupt Don Tillman's orderly world. He listens to Bach, not for its beauty but for the pattern of its notes. He runs his life based on logic, he times his weekly schedule down to the minute, and he has zero luck with women—small wonder.

A 39-year-old professor of genetics, Don is an intellectual savant and social misfit. It's obvious to us that he has Asperger's though it's a fact that clearly escapes him. He's just...unusual, is what Don thinks. His disastrous history with women notwithstanding, Don is out to get a wife.


Truth in Advertising
John Kenney, 2013
320 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
November, 2013

Finbar Dolan is a 39-year old man working in diapers, who is badly in need of change. That's the symbolic gag underpinning (!!) John Kenney's often hilarious novel about the New York ad world. The diapers? They're Fin's big advertising account.

It's Fin's smart take on the ad business that makes this book so funny. Yet one of life's maxims is that witicisms and combacks too often mask a troubled soul. Jokers deflect pain under the guise of humor—so Fin is funny, but his humor goes down only so far.


Me Talk Pretty One Day
David Sedaris, 2000
272 pp.

Book Review by Molly Lundquist
Novewmber 2013

In honesty, I didn't "read" Me Talk Pretty; I listened to it. Even now, simply writing about it, I can hear Sedaris in my head—that voice, with its droll flatness and its slight nasal quality, has the power to make so many of us double over with laughter.

Not all of the essays are hilarious; some seem tinged with nostalgia and some carry a hint of bitterness. But no matter the emotion conveyed, nearly all are engaging.

LitPicks Book Reviews—October 2013

Theme—The Kennedy Assasination: 50 years
Consider devoting the month of November to that fateful day in Dallas 50 years ago. The shooting of the President creates a schism in time and in our national psyche: before, an era of seeming innocence; after, an era of cynicism and social upheaval.
.. And the other dividing line: those who lived through it vs. those yet to be born.

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